What to Wear to Play Paintball



What to wear to paintball? If you’ve just discovered this exciting game or you haven’t dared to go on the ‘battlefield’ yet, but you’re about to do it soon, you must be asking yourself this question. Paintball is messy and sometimes violent. You also need to run, jump, duck, and hide in this sport. So, you need to wear clothing that ensures a certain degree of safety, while also allowing you to move freely. Here are some outfit suggestions you should take into account.



If you want to play paintball, you’ll have to move a lot. This sport involves a lot of running, dodging, bending, and hiding. You could choose to do all these in jeans, but you’ll probably end up feeling uncomfortable and grow tired pretty fast, which will spoil all the fun. To avoid this, you should get comfortable clothes that allow you to move and promote your flexibility.



Paintball is not Formula 1, but because the aim of the game is to hit your adversary with paintballs, there is some risk involved, especially if you hit or get hit from a short distance. This sport is normally played in an organized setting where you receive protective equipment to cover the critical parts of your body that might get injured.

Wearing safety equipment is not only recommended but also compulsory as the organizer normally doesn’t risk letting the players get injured. If you want to increase your level of safety, you can get extra protective gear, such as gloves or knee pads.



As you can easily imagine, paintball is a very active game. Even if you played it in an environment where the temperatures are not very high, you would still get your temperature rising from all that running. This is why it’s better to wear light clothes when you want to go to a paintball center.


What type of clothes do I need?

One of the essential items that are required for paintball is the protective vest. This item covers your chest and back and protects these sensitive areas from injuries that might be caused by paintballs. You can rent this piece of equipment from the center where you play and, in many cases, the vest can be included in the fee you pay to join the game.

Another option that many players opt for is buying their own paintball vest. This might not be the case for you if you are still not sure whether this is the kind of pastime that suits you. However, if you fell in love with paintball, getting your own vest might be a good investment and also one that ensures you the comfort you need.

With your own vest, you will not waste any time trying different sizes or models and you will simply feel more at ease and be able to enjoy the game. This type of vest is usually provided with several pockets where you can hold personal items and with padding that minimizes the impact of the balls and also protects you in case you fall.


Head protection

Besides your torso, the other part of your body that needs extra protection is your head. Normally, players should avoid hitting anyone in this part of the body as this poses an increased risk of injury. Nonetheless, since things often happen so fast in this sport, it is hard to figure out where and whom you shoot, and many times, people get hit in the head.

Because nobody wants to get a head injury while playing a fun team game, paintball centers offer players paintball masks and require the use of these items throughout the game. With this mask, your head, face, and more importantly, eyes are safe. 

You can rent the mask from the paintball center or you can buy and use your own paintball mask. This piece of equipment should fit you perfectly and also allow you to feel comfortable while playing. If you don’t feel that the mask is the right size for you, don’t hesitate to ask for a replacement.

A mask that’s too large and doesn’t cover your eyes properly, or one that’s too small and makes you want to pull it down every now and then is not efficient and distracts you from the game. For these reasons, it might be better if you bought a paintball mask that suits you well and provides you the comfort and protection you need. 



Now that your face and chest are safe, let’s move on to other parts of the body that are highly exposed when you play paintball, such as your hands. These are unavoidably exposed for two reasons. One is the fact that you will be holding the gun in your hands, pointing it at the other players, which means the hands can easily get hit.

The other reason is the fact that we naturally tend to protect our body from getting hit by covering it with our hands. If you manage to see the ball as it comes straight at you and you realize you might get hit, your instinct will tell you to cover the targeted part of your body with your hands. This means your hands will feel the first shock.

To protect them, you have to wear gloves. But not all types of gloves are suitable for this purpose. You might be tempted to get your thickest winter gloves to get extra protection, but this will prevent you from handling the gun with ease. Thick gloves will make it very hard for you to pull the trigger, which means that you’ll not be able to shoot with precision.

Paintball centers will also rent you gloves as part of the mandatory protective gear. These gloves are flexible enough to allow you to move your fingers but also sturdy enough to ensure protection. But if you have your own pair of gloves at home that are suitable for this type of activity, you can feel free to wear them.


Appropriate shoes

Shoes are an essential part of your equipment, no matter what type of sport you engage in. These have to be flexible enough to allow you to move and run easily. Because paintball is often played outdoors, many players choose footwear that can also offer them protection against rocks, mud, puddles, gravel, etc. A pair of hiking shoes or boots are, therefore, ideal in this situation.

If the setting where you’ll be playing paintball is pretty clean and it hasn’t been raining for a while, you can also opt for a pair of sneakers, especially given the high comfort they provide. If you have special motorcyclist boots that have a metal plaque to protect your toes, you can also try wearing those during your paintball competition for extra safety.

No matter what type of footwear you choose, you should have in mind the main aspects. One is feeling comfortable; you might be out there playing paintball for two hours or more and you need to feel cozy in the shoes you are running; otherwise, your feet will kill you at the end of the day.

The second thing you need to bear in mind is that a new pair of shoes is never a good choice for paintball. Even if you’ve bought shoes that are fitted for sports, make sure you wear them at least twice before bringing them to a paintball match as they need to adapt to your feet. New shoes, even the most comfortable design, are tight the first time you use them.



As you choose the clothes you’ll be wearing while practicing paintball, think about the fact that this is a sport and you don’t need to look fashionable, you need to be able to move with ease and protect your body. Shorts and T-shirts are not recommended because they don’t meet the second criteria.

Denim or other thick materials that impair your flexibility are also not recommended. Cotton or sports clothes made of flexible fabric are ideal. Another thing you might want to consider is that when you play paintball, you’ll inevitably get paint on your clothes, no matter how good you are at this game. 

This is why wearing new clothes is simply not worth it. On the contrary, when playing this game, you might want to choose the oldest clothes in your wardrobe, ones that you normally only wear indoors and that you can easily do without.

All in all, there are different aspects you should take into consideration when you prepare for a paintball challenge. What you wear is one of them and choosing comfortable clothing and quality protective gear can help you truly enjoy this sport while staying safe.