Some cool gifts for manly men



Whether you are looking for a gift for your dad’s birthday, you want to impress your brother with a brewing kit, or your friend keeps complaining about his ice cubes ruining his drink, here are some cool gift ideas for guys. These items will come in handy for manly men that like to spend time outside and also for those men looking for interesting gadgets for man caves.



Kacebela BBQ Tools 


Most men love barbecues, and most men want to be thoroughly prepared when barbecuing. This is why this grilling set, which comes with all the accessories needed, can be used at any BBQ. The tools are extremely durable, made from high quality stainless steel.

Coming in a delicate, lightweight, aluminum case, this set will be a great gift for any father. And the case looks great, too. It comprises nineteen items including tongs, a fork, knife, four skewers, eight corn holders and a spatula with four functions. Everything is user-friendly and easy to use, and what’s even cooler, the spatula has a bottle opener that you can use after you’re done barbecuing.




Northern Brewer Brew Share 


Designed by brewmasters to provide the best experience out of the box, this beginner brewer kit includes everything needed to start brewing immediately. It comprises, among others, a Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit and a stainless steel kettle capable of making 5 gallons of homemade beer.

This is the foolproof kit for beginners, coming with precise instructions. Some experienced brewers would ask themselves if a carboy is needed for this kit, and the answer to that is no. The Block Party Amber Ale doesn’t need additional fermentation and is ready to drink immediately after the first fermentation.




Gerber 22-01471 


A true man should be able to tackle jobs in every situation, and to do that, he might need this multi-tool from Gerber. Easy to handle, this device packs twelve different tools that can solve a lot of issues. Built with a nice butterfly design and made from durable stainless steel, the multi-tool offers sturdiness over time in a lightweight form.

This item includes spring loaded pliers, wire cutters, a straight blade and a serrated blade. It can also open bottles and cans and it can cut almost everything with its scissors and saw. The tools are reliable, safe and easy to access.





Stanley Adventure Stainless 


Sharing a drink with friends at the end of a challenging day must feel great, but what feels equally fantastic is having the possibility to carry your drink with you everywhere. From outdoor adventures with friends, to camping trips with your dad, a flask can be a prized possession that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Made from stainless steel, this flask is resistant to corrosion. The cap is bound to the flask so you will not lose it. The flask holds eight ounces and it has a straight, rectangular design. It is leak-proof and fully packable and the rugged exterior makes it a great looking accessory.





Urban Choice Products Whiskey Stones 


When talking about drinks, a good one often doesn’t come alone, but accompanied by some refreshing ice cubes. This complete set will help you replace the classic ice cubes while still cooling your whiskey. Made from stainless steel, these blocks measure one inch each and they all encapsulate food grade chilling gel inside. The gel can maintain low temperatures for an extended period.

These cubes will keep your drink chilled and provide the advantage of not diluting your whiskey. And because stainless steel doesn’t create a specific smell or taste, the drink will remain unaltered. The cubes have smooth edges; that makes them safe for glasses and also easy to clean.




Outlaw Soaps Blazing Saddles 



This type of product is undoubtedly made for the men that want to get the smell of the Wild West. These soaps are attentively made in small batches of 15, only in the USA. The one ounce container that this soap comes in is perfect for making it portable and helping you carry it around all day.

The soap’s creators know that image is important and that is why this product comes in a highly giftable and reusable kraft box that has one of twelve possible fearless descriptions written on it. The cologne blends a mix of different scents including leather, gunpowder, sandalwood and sagebrush.




Perella’s Escali 100% 


Using an authentic shaving brush to lather up before a shaving is not so popular anymore, but the men that tried this method know that it can prove more satisfactory than cheap creams. This brush is a great one for entry-level brush shaving. It contains a thick knot of natural fibers that help spread the lather on your face and exfoliate your skin.

The brush is made from badger hair, densely inserted in a wooden handle. If you maintain it well, it should last for years. It may be uncomfortable at first, if you haven’t used such a brush before, but in the long run, it is worth the investment.




Ralix Survival Spark 


This is a budget-friendly survival instrument that will help you in any complicated outdoor situation. The magnesium fire starter is considered one of the finest and can start fires in any conditions, and it will last for more than fifteen thousand strikes. The whistle is loud, and with the capability of making itself heard over several miles, the 150 dB that it provides will surely help.

The device comes with an incorporated compass that is both reliable and good quality. The attached lanyard makes for great tinder when needed. The extra-long scraper will make lighting fires easier and you can use it to shred off magnesium from the rod.




Bang Tidy Clothing BBQ Apron 


If you are a man looking to put some smiles on people’s faces when barbecuing, this apron is for you. The smiles come as a bonus to the essential apron purpose: keeping food off your clothes. This apron makes for a great gift for fathers that love enchanting their family with barbecues.

The item is versatile and can be worn all the time, inside when cooking or outside in hot summers. The fabric is 100% cotton and the size should fit everybody, as it measures 30 inches. Maybe some men would like some pockets, but this apron doesn’t have that. This apron weighs less than expected and is thinner than usual aprons.




Walt Whitman’s Guide to Manly Health and Training 


This recently discovered manifesto shows the words of Walt Whitman regarding man behaviors and offers advice on aspects such as diet, grooming, vices and sports. This is a giftable and illustrated collection of quotes from the author. There are 75 such quotes in the book, and they are all presented in a specific lyrical prose style.

It is a small, pocket-sized book that can be read in half an hour. The reader might be surprised by how the writings of a man that lived 150 years ago can still match today’s lifestyle. Whitman advises that the main part of a man’s diet should be meat. That truly sounds like something a manly man would say.




How to find a cool gift for manly men


Men nowadays have various interests and finding the best men’s gifts can be a difficult task that requires great patience and a good understanding of the preferences of the person the gift is intended for. If you are planning on buying new gadgets for men you should be well aware that not all options that are available for sale will necessarily be a good choice.

When you buy gadgets for man caves you need to make sure that you are buying things that they can enjoy on their own. Don’t try and buy only devices that can be used with the family, show them that you appreciate them by gifting the gadgets they really crave. More often than not those are the devices that help him have fun alone or with his buddies.

Whether you plan on buying a state of the art gadget or something more personalized, we have some cool gift ideas for men that you can use. To help narrow down some of the best manly gifts we have taken into account the fun factor, usability, and reliability. We have also looked at what other customer had to say about each option.



How we chose the coolest gifts for manly men


Finding the perfect gift can be a bit of chore, especially if the person you intend to buy something for appears to have seemingly everything. This is why we have tried to look at both classic products, as well as some that might really surprise him. Have a look at our buying guide, and see if you can find the ideal option.

View sports with style

Watching sports is something a man is likely to enjoy, and even if he doesn’t, a new TV set makes for one of the best gifts for manly men that you will find on our list. You can’t always watch a sport event on the stadium, but with a state of the art TV, you won’t have to. Best of all, you can now get great television sets without having to spend a lot of money.

When it comes to sports, the best image will make for the best experience. A new wide TV for him to use in his man cave will not only make him happy but it will also remove any needs of arguing about who watches the TV tonight.

It is a known fact that the person with the best screen gets to host important matches such as the Superbowl. If your man is the sort that enjoys entertaining other people, what better gift than to help him have some quality time with his friends.

He won’t have to limit himself to sporting events as a TV can be used for numerous things. If he already owns a gaming console, a better screen will help him enjoy gaming even more. If he doesn’t have one already, you can find alternative that offer them bundled together.


Prepare for the future

There’s something about men and gadget, you can’t make them not love them so why not take advantage of this? To make sure that you are truly getting them something unique, you can go and look for some of the newest and craziest gadgets currently on the market. These are the devices that now seem only a fad but that can become the norm in the future.

Virtual reality gadgets have been around for quite some time but they have yet to catch on the wider public. Thankfully there are a lot of affordable alternatives to choose from and the apps and games that you can use them with are growing daily. For people that love new experiences, this gadget can be a truly memorable gift.

If you want to go for something more tangible, why not look in buying a drone? Drones have become the to-go-to choice for tech enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. What’s great about this choice is that they can reignite that spark you had when playing with your toys when you were young. A drone is a toy for big boys and they are getting more accessible with each passing day.


Gadgets to use on the go

If the man you are planning on buying a gift for is the type of person that is always on the move and has an active life, you can easily find a gadget to fit their lifestyle. Time is their most important resource and what better way of choosing a gadget for them than going for one that can help manage their schedule.

A watch is a classic gift and for good reason, you can’t really go wrong with such a choice. To adapt it to modern times you can consider purchasing a smartwatch that will undoubtedly turn out to be extremely useful to him. A smartwatch can help him be constantly connected to his phone and see his appointments, calls, and messages with a quick flick of the wrist.

In a similar vein, if you know your man to be active and into practicing sports or just working out periodically, a fitness tracker can be a good purchase. They can be an indispensable gadget for any man that wants to keep himself fit.

Let others take over for you

If you find that looking for a gift is just too time-consuming but still want to go for an option that will show just how much you care about him, you can safely go for a man crate. With this option you will leave specialists to handle the whole affair for you. What makes this a tempting choice is the fact that all the items have already been carefully selected by specialists which makes it much likelier for him to enjoy your gift.

So what is a man crate exactly? It is a bundle of different products and sometimes even gadgets that are carefully picked up to suit his needs. They can also come in a wooden crate which allows your man to show off his manliness by trying to open it on his own. It is certainly a great way to make an impact with your gift, both the visual element of the packaging and for when he finally opens it.

What makes this alternative so fun is the fact that even the small task of opening the gift can turn into a great experience. As for the contents, you can easily customize the content of the crate to suit the interests of the recipient.