Polyester vs Nylon Carpet | Which One Should You Choose for Your Home?



If you are thinking about changing the carpet in your home, shopping for a new product can be somewhat difficult given that there are so many options available on the market. If you want to learn more about the differences between polyester vs nylon carpet, here is a rundown of all you need to know.


Polyester carpet

According to statistics, around 25% of all the carpet sold is polyester carpet. Even though polyester might not be as durable as nylon, it does include a couple of benefits that you should not overlook.

To start, this kind of carpet is, on average, more affordable than a nylon alternative. Moreover, some polyester is made out of a substance derived from corn. As a result, polyester is an eco-friendly choice that you should consider if you care about the environment. This material is also good for mother nature as some types of polyester are made of recycled plastics. 

On top of that, because polyester carpet is solution-dyed, it is much more resistant to stains. So, if you spill something on your newly-bought carpet, you do not have to worry about it getting damaged.

Furthermore, this type of product is hydrophobic. In simpler terms, this kind of carpet is made up of fibers that repel liquid. Therefore, if you are interested in a product that won’t get soaked, this is one option you should not overlook. This feature is especially handy if you own pets.

Polyester carpet is also quite soft and comfortable, and, thus, it will feel very cushy when you walk on it. You can place polyester carpet in all areas of your home, as the foot traffic won’t affect its durability as time goes on. 

Another significant advantage that you should not overlook is the fact that this type of carpet can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. So, such a carpet can provide you with plenty of versatility. If you suffer from allergies, another thing that is worth noting is the fact that polyester is free of allergens. 


How to clean polyester carpet

Because polyester is a dirt and stain-resistant material, cleaning a carpet made out of it is rather simple. To maintain your carpet clean, it is recommended that you vacuum it regularly and that you use special cleaners that are advertised as safe to use on synthetic fibers.

If you want to, you can also deep steam your carpet to get rid of the dirt that got caught up in the fabric. If you own a small rug made of polyester, it is also safe to wash it in the machine washer.  

Overall, cleaning a carpet made of polyester is quite easy, which is one of the many reasons why it is a great investment if you are a pet owner. 


Nylon carpet

Nylon is also a very popular material that is utilized when making carpets, as more than 50% of carpets sold are manufactured using it. When compared to polyester, nylon is significantly more durable. However, this factor affects the price of the carpet, as high-quality nylon carpets tend to be somewhat more expensive than the alternative.

Nylon is also a very easy-to-maneuver type of material and it reflects light. Plus, nylon can be dyed in a multitude of colors. This is a great feature as it means that you can easily find a carpet in the color that you like most. 

One drawback that should be taken into account is staining. As we have said before, nylon does not have the same resistance to staining as polyester has. When nylon is dyed, manufacturers use acid dyes that give the carpet shinny and pigmented colors. Yet, because coffee and other beverages such as wine and tea are also acid, this means that this type of carpet is much more likely to get stained. 

One thing that you can do to ensure that your new carpet won’t get as easily stained is to apply a carpet protector. As you can expect, purchasing a protector implies spending some extra money. 

Just like its polyester counterparts, some nylon carpets are also made of recycled fabric and they can also be recycled. Yet, there are some extra factors that you should know about. For instance, the majority of the nylon carpets that you can find available are made of petroleum and, as you know, refining this liquid leads to the creation of air pollution.

Similarly, some organizations have stated that, even though polyester carpet is made of recycled plastic, recycling carpet made from polyester can prove rather challenging.  


How to clean nylon carpet

Because of its durability, nylon is a great material for a carpet that you intend to install in any area of your home where there is heavy footfall. To keep a nylon carpet clean and in good condition for a long time, you should vacuum it regularly in order to remove the soil and the dirt particles efficiently. If you fail to do so, these particles will eventually get embedded into the carpet and will ruin the overall aesthetic of the product.

To make sure that your carpet looks well for years to come, you should only clean it by utilizing specialized cleaning products. To remove any embedded dirt, you should opt to have the carpet steamed or washed with hot jets of water. 

Given that nylon is not as stain-resistant as polyester, you have to immediately tackle any spills that might cause the carpet to get stained. If, by accident, you end up spilling something on the carpet, try to scoop up the spill immediately and then blot the area clean. To avoid making the situation even worse by spreading the stain, you should refrain from rubbing the affected area.

Next, apply warm water to the stain and use a specialized cleaning product to remove it. After the stain is off, remember to use clear water to clear away the detergent. If the stain is still there after the carpet is completely dry, it is recommended that you clean the area again, until there are no visible residues left. 

In time, even though you clean your carpet regularly, it will accumulate dirt and, thus, its color will be affected. When this happens, go ahead and take the carpet to be professionally cleaned by using methods that you do not have at your disposal at home. 


Life expectancy

Broadly speaking, carpet has a lifespan of around 15 years, depending on its quality. For instance, cheaply made carpet might need to be replaced after only 5 years of use. Another important factor that should not be overlooked is the durability of the fabric.

Because polyester fibers are not as sturdy, once they lose their shape due to constant trampling, they will not regain their initial shape. Apart from the durability of the material, you also have to consider its thickness. Models that have low-quality padding are more likely to get deteriorated faster and, thus, they will have to be replaced sooner.

As a result, before you make a decision, you should carefully think about your options. Instead of investing in a nylon carpet that is not sufficiently padded, getting a more affordable polyester model might prove a better choice in the long run.

You should replace your carpet if you notice visible spots and stains that you cannot successfully remove by using suitable cleaning agents. Rips and tears are also signs that your carpet has to be replaced, as well as a loss of color in high-traffic areas. 

To make sure that you get the best use out of your newly-acquired carpet, you should take the time to clean it on a regular basis. If your budget allows you to, you should also consider having the carpet professionally cleaned every once in a while. 

Even though the entire process of replacing your old carpet can prove costly, it is important that you do so when the carpet is seriously damaged. Besides, getting a new carpet floor can also decrease your chances of suffering from respiratory symptoms that are caused by dirt and dust accumulation.

Besides, if you plan on selling your home, having a new carpet installed can make the house look more appealing and, as a direct result, easier to sell.  


Final thoughts

There are multiple benefits to using both nylon and polyester carpets, as both of these materials are durable and they can keep your feet warm and cozy. While nylon carpet is more durable than polyester carpet, the latter option is stain-resistant and more affordable. 

Moreover, both of the materials can be made of recycled plastic, and both can be recycled once they become damaged and need to be changed. Both of these kinds of carpets come in a wide array of colors and they are simple and convenient to keep clean. If you are a pet owner, however, investing in polyester carpets might be the way to go.

If you cannot decide between these two choices, the best thing that you can do is to go to your local store to see and feel how these materials are. If possible, you should also ask a salesperson for further guidance on the matter.