How to plan a novel



Have you ever asked yourself what is a synopsis? Or how long is a novel? Or what is the snowflake method? All these are important if you plan to write a novel.

Writing a novel can test your patience, and it implies a lot of hard work and determination. But we have to agree that no matter how challenging this might be, the feeling of you creating something is unparalleled. Also, this is your chance to let your imagination run wild and who knows, you might even create a huge impact on those people who decide to read your novel.

It might sound scary and many people may try to discourage you but writing a novel is not only about talent. It is not easy, that’s for sure, but you need to believe in yourself and to follow your passion for writing. We have a few tips for you that will help you put in writing those amazing ideas you have.


Choose your story

When you decide to write a novel, the first thing that you have to do is to plan your story and not stress yourself over the complexity of the story, simple is fine for now. And very important is to have an outline, a structure of the story you want to tell. You don’t want to start something and then to find yourself stuck in the middle of it and to lose your balance.

You have to always know where you’re going with your story and also what you want your readers to learn from it, and very important is how you are planning to convey a certain message to your readers. Don’t be disappointed if your story doesn’t have a fully developed plot – at the beginning, you only need the seed of the story because the rest comes when you’re writing.

Our advice is to believe in your ideas and not to be afraid to start writing them down, but as we have already mentioned, you have to make sure that you have a strong outline that will help you tell your story to the end. You have a solid structure for your novel, now just grab a blank sheet of paper or on your computer, and start writing down what you’ve got, and you’ll see your novel come to life.

Choose your characters

We know how important the plot is in any novel, but the characters are the ones who captivate our attention and the ones we remember even after a long period of time after reading a story. That is why you have to create your characters wisely, and to bear in mind that most of the times readers identify themselves with certain characters.

The way you portray your characters is very important because when people read your novel they don’t have an image of what characters actually look like unless you add one, but it is more exciting if you let them use their imagination. What they know is what you tell them, and the rounder and more interesting your characters are, the more curious they become to learn more about them.

In order to improve their understanding of certain characters, your readers will imagine every character in their own way. By doing this, it is easier for them to see themselves in the characters you have created. Create characters that your readers can relate to, characters who are unpredictable and who can teach you, readers, something.


Choose your settings

And now you have to figure out your settings, and when we talk about settings we talk about both place and time. You have to choose a place where your actions happen and also you have to decide when all the actions take place.

It is very important to be very specific when you consider the setting of your novel because your characters and the situations they go through need to blend in perfectly with the place and time that you choose. Readers need to feel that your characters are in a certain place and time because they belong there.

Let’s say that you decided the action of the novel to start in a specific city, but this is not enough, as you have to actually state what part of the city, what street and building and you need a reason why the story happens there.