Drama at work – What to do to avoid it



The idea of this article started after reading this: https://www.themuse.com/advice/how-to-deal-with-the-5-most-negative-types-of-coworkers

Even if we want to face it or not, we have all noticed that there is drama happening in any workplace. We spend a lot of time at work with our co-workers, and all we want is to be able to work in a peaceful environment. But no matter how calm and friendly everyone is, there are situations when spending time with your coworkers can become problematic.

We don’t want to affect or even ruin our relationship with our co-workers, but at the same time, we want to avoid that office drama. We all have those co-workers who are more interested in other people’s actions and enjoy talking about them, while they forget to focus on their own productivity. Let’s have a look at some tips on how to learn to deal with these types of situations in a mature and professional way.


Resist the urge to be part of it

If you feel the need to talk about your coworkers and your boss, make sure you don’t do this in the office. You might think that if you close the door, no one will hear what you are saying, but there are people who might interpret this in a bad way, and word goes by very fast. You wouldn’t want to be heard when talking about someone else. That is why it is best to leave venting for a place far away from your office.

Gossip is a very hard habit to quit; that is why it’s easier to be smart about it than quit it completely. Also, you have to be careful when sharing your thoughts on someone in the office with another co-worker. Even if you made just an innocent comment, it can be interpreted in a really bad way, especially if your confidant decides to share the story and to add his or her “personal touch” to it.

Resist the temptations

We all have that person in the office who loves to gossip, and they just love to create drama wherever they are. All they do is complain about others, including your boss, and tell you how unhappy they are with their job. This can be very tricky because we all have our own frustrations when it comes to our job and without knowing, you find yourself as indignant as they are.

That is why the best approach to this kind of situation is to avoid the people who create it. By avoiding those people who share negative thoughts and who instigate you to be the same, you will have a positive attitude and be happier about yourself. Also, they can turn you against co-workers or your boss who have never done anything to you, so be careful who you surround yourself with at work in order to avoid any type of drama.


Treat all co-workers equally

Always give others the benefit of the doubt, and don’t assume that someone is guilty just because someone told you so. The best way to avoid a stressful situation at work is to avoid taking sides when you find yourself with your coworkers who talk about some office gossips. You might think that it is ok to do it because everyone else does it but you never know exactly how close the other co-workers are.

No one says that you shouldn’t take part in the conversation, only that you have to be careful what kind of thoughts you’re sharing with your co-workers. Even if you might think that the conversation is confidential, you never know who is more than eager to share it with others. Our recommendation is to speak nicely about everyone, or just be vague in your statements.


Assume that your coworkers are there to help you

Positive thoughts will help you avoid drama at work because if you assume that everyone in the office wants to put you down, you will interpret everything they do as a form of personal attack. But if you assume that no one has anything against you, and they only want to help you and support you, there are fewer chances for workplace drama to happen.

A workplace without drama will benefit all of us because we all become more effective and productive in a peaceful and enjoyable environment.