5 steps to find house-sitting jobs



House-sitting jobs are more numerous than you think. Basically, some people hire other people to take care of their homes while they are away. Many such locations are vacation houses, and, as you can expect, they offer excellent living conditions, not to mention that they are usually placed in exotic areas.

For travellers, there is no better way to save on accommodations than by finding house-sitting jobs. Something must be mentioned here; since you’re staying for free and you’re not paying rent, most of these jobs don’t pay, and you might even be expected to pay for utilities.

Even so, some do pay, but they usually require more than just house-sitting. They involve small repair jobs, taking care of pets, and other things. Depending on your skills and what you’re interested in, there can be many opportunities, even paid ones, to choose from.


Step 1. Find a specialized website

Since house-sitting is a quite widespread phenomenon, there are websites where such jobs are offered. Bear in mind that these websites do require a membership fee, so make sure that you pick just one from the few most popular, instead of just spreading your money all over the place.

One way of finding the right website for maximizing your chances of success to find the perfect house-sitting job is by discovering what house-sitter to homeowner ratio is available. There are places where there are less than two house-sitters per offer of house-sitting, which means that your chances are quite high.


Step 2. Make a profile that will tell homeowners what they need to know

Making an account on such a website is no different from any other Internet location where a profile is required. However, since your motivation is to convince homeowners that they can trust you with taking care of their houses, you will need to focus on making a profile that makes your essential skills regarding house-sitting stand out.

Are you good with pets? Put some pictures with you and small animals on your profile. You should also mention all the experience you have with taking care of pets. Many homeowners leave not only their houses but also their pets in the house-sitters’ care.

Couples are usually preferred, although this is not set in stone. If you and your spouse are travelers at heart, you can find excellent house-sitting jobs that can save you thousands of dollars, if not more, in accommodations.

Also, don’t forget to mention if you are handy with small repairs, and home cleaning, as a general rule. The closer you are to the image homeowners have about their ideal house-sitters, the better, and also the higher your chances to land the job. Write down on a boogie board all the skills you have that could help you, as they come to mind, and then copy them to your profile.

Step 3. Hunt down new ads

People who are seeking house-sitters can sometimes be pressed for time, which means that they will not wait for weeks to select a person or a couple to take care of their homes. That means that you should be fast to apply to the new listings that are published on the website to which you subscribed.


Step 4. Be honest and courteous during the interview

Once a homeowner is interested in interviewing you for a house-sitting position, you will be one step closer to the job you want. During the interview, don’t forget to be honest and courteous. Wait for the homeowner to ask the questions, and do not try to oversell yourself. This strategy works, as does if you mention a pet.

You can talk about the skills that could make you a good house-sitter, especially if this is your first job of the kind. If you happen to own an ultrasonic cleaner, for instance, that might be an interesting bit that could interest the homeowner, and a proof to your dedication to keeping everything, even the smallest items in a house, free of dirt and bacteria.


Step 5. Ask your host for an honest review, once the job is finished

Many people who come to these websites to list their house-sitting jobs want to know if you have ever worked in such conditions before. It will help to have some positive reviews under your name, so, each time you finish such a job, don’t forget to ask your host for a review.