10 Fun Facts about Easter you don’t know



Easter is one of humanity’s most important holidays. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, an event that brings light, joy, hope and a sunny season.

Also, they believe that this holiday could be a new beginning and, since it comes after a long fasting period (in orthodox cultures, especially), children and grown-ups are happy because they can crack coloured eggs, eat chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, other tasty goodies and participate in fun activities associated with this holiday.

An interesting fact about Easter is that often people forget about its religious importance and focus on the commercial side. The colorful, delicious symbols associated with Easter capture everyone’s attention; all children want to receive a gift from their favorite bunny and adults dream about having a relaxing afternoon surrounded by friends and family.

Now that this beautiful holiday is so close, let’s find out some fun facts about it:


  1. Although it is a Christian holiday, the name comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess ”Eastre”, a divinity who symbolizes eggs and hares;
  2. The cute rabbit has been associated with Easter because it is a symbol of procreation, fertility and new beginnings. Over the centuries, he has become the legendary character that brings gifts to nice kids during the Easter holiday;
  3. Christians have chosen the egg as another symbol of Easter because they believe that it represents Jesus’ resurrection and the way He defeated death;
  4. The white lily is considered to be the Easter flower. Since it represents spiritual values like virtue, innocence, purity, life and hope, it can also be associated with the resurrection. However, remember to keep it away from your cats, because it is toxic for them;
  5. Florida hosted the largest egg hunt in history; with this occasion, over 500,000 eggs were searched by 9,753 children;
  6. In America, Easter also is the second big holiday when everybody can eat a lot of sweets. Of course, the first one is Halloween;
  7. Almost 19% of children (1 in 5) say that they got sick after they ate too much chocolate bunnies or eggs during the Easter holidays;
  8. Americans are big fans of chocolate figures; over 90 million bunnies and 91.4 billion eggs are produced from this material each year. During the spring holiday, over 16 million jelly beans are produced to fill the egg’s center and consumed in the USA. The quantity could circle the globe three times;
  9. When they eat an Easter chocolate bunny, most people start with the ears. The feet come second in people’s preferences chart, followed by the tail;
  10. Next to chocolate eggs and bunnies, other popular Easter sweets are jelly beans and marshmallows shaped like birds and animals associated with spring.


With all these eye-catching elements, it’s easy to forget about Easter’s actual meaning. In this Holy day, the most important thing is to have peace and kindness in your heart and be surrounded by the people you love.  Don’t forget to welcome the light in your house and soul!