The phoenix park, where a Homophobic attack occurred which saw a gay man beaten by a gang of teens

Warning To Gay Community After Vicious Homophobic Attack in Phoenix Park

On the last Saturday of July 2016, a Polish gay man was gaybashed by a gang of 20 teenagers in the Phoenix Park


“I went to the Phoenix Park on my bicycle,” Marcin told GCN.. “I cycled for a while and then walked. When it got dark at about 9:30pm I was passing by the Ambassador’s house, and a group of teenagers started insulting me.”

“They shouted: ‘You fucking whore. How much? We’ll kill you, fucking fag’ – stuff like that.”

“There were about ten teenagers in hoodies on bicycles and I spotted that they were followed by a black Volkswagen Golf.

“But I ran off and hid beside the cricket club.”



The gang of teenagers followed Marcin.

“They didn’t know that I was there for sure, because they were looking for me. I heard someone in the Golf shout: ‘You need to kill as many, beat up as many fags as you can’. I was just terrified.”

“They were going around in circles in the carpark with the lights on and they spotted me. They said ‘Get him!’ I got on my bike, and then they were pushing me from the bicycle lane onto the street while the Golf was following me.”



“They pushed me so hard that I fell and hit my head. Then the car stopped and the doors were opened and I heard someone giving something [to the guys on bikes] – it sounded like metal pipes – and then they started hitting me and kicking me all over.

“I got smacked in my face by a metal pipe. There were kicks all over my head, my body. I have injured my hands.”


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Fighting For His Life

“Then I started running. I was fighting for my life at this moment because I knew it was serious if they started hitting me that much.”

Marcin struggled to get away, and found himself behind the Golf. He “heard someone say ‘Run him over! Run him over!’ and the car started reversing.

“I jumped over to the ditch on the other side of the road and yeah started running. They were still chasing me, and I started screaming for help.”

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11 comments on “Warning To Gay Community After Vicious Homophobic Attack in Phoenix Park”

  1. If you walked by the American embassy at all you can be damn sure they have cameras. I am so sorry Marcin, this should not have happened. You have our love and support <3

  2. Kewpie says:

    This is disgusting! I was gay bashed myself in Dun Laoghaire about 6 years ago and the Gardai wanted nothing to do with it. They wouldn’t take a statement or anything. I see things haven’t really changed in my years away from Ireland :-/

  3. Thomas Dunning says:

    A Golf and a group of teenage boys in hoodies… Seriously they can’t find the group responsible? I told a friend from Africa who walks in the Phoenix Park regularly, about this attack. She said she sees those boys all the time and she doesn’t feel safe. The park employees will know who these lads are. Bring them in so Macin can try to identify them in a lineup!

  4. Gerard says:

    I think it’s disgraceful what has happend ,, but this park has been used for this sort off thing for year,, they need to be moved out of our park,, my kids and myself walked into an area of the Phoenix park, and there was five or six men doing sexual acts on each other, it was disgraceful , my kids where shocked, to say to least,, I made several complaints to the park rangers and the Garda , as I was told this has been going on for years,,, and most of the men are married and that’s why they won’t get a hotel room,, there needs to be something done about this as it’s joke,,

  5. Moya Loughran says:

    Homophobic scum

  6. Im sickened and sad to hear this
    Ya think ya live in a free society and not a primitive , close minded backwrd world.So sorry for you must have been so terrified and scared.Please take care and keep believing in yourself.Hopefully those animals are caught.

  7. In this day and age? Crazy

  8. Greg O'Reilly says:

    That’s appalling stuff. Just to say its a long way from the Ambassadors Residents to the cricket ground. I’d say he means aras an uachtarain which is practically across the road. There are loads of cameras there. I hope he get justice from this scum.

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