GHB in a glass bottle with a white powder beside it - GHB will get you barred for life from Buzz's clubs

GHB Will Get You Barred For Life From Dublin’s Gay Scene

Dublin promoter Buzz O’Neill is taking a strict no-GHB policy when it comes to his clubs


Dublin club promoter Buzz O’Neill has taken a stand against the drug GHB, colloquially known simply as ‘G’. Buzz recently began enforcing a lifetime ban on patrons of his clubs who use GHB.

“If you are DUMB enough to take GHB be SMART enough to go somewhere else. You will be BARRED for life from half the clubs and bars on the scene,” read the new signs in Buzz’s club.



“I was just sick of seeing the way the scene is,” Buzz told GCN.

“Over the last few months, particularly over this summer there’s a different atmosphere, just something different” in clubs, Buzz explained. After doing some investigation into the change, Buzz became aware that GHB use had spiked.

“A lot of people are taking GHB. I’m not saying there are queues of ambulances outside clubs [right now] but I don’t want to see queues of ambulances outside my clubs,” Buzz declared, explaining the pre-emptive logic behind his recent ban.

“I’ve seen a few taken away this summer and as far as I’m concerned that’s a few too many.”

Drug Of Choice

GHB has grown in popularity in tandem with the growth in Dublin’s after party scene.

The drug, which also goes by the name liquid ecstasy, induces euphoria and heightens libido, which is one of the reasons that it has become so popular on the London chemsex scene, and it continues to grow in popularity here.

“The afterparty circuit and all of that and the after-afterparty circuit in people’s houses and [GHB] just seems to be the drug of choice.”

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2 comments on “GHB Will Get You Barred For Life From Dublin’s Gay Scene”

  1. Aidan Moyles says:

    This seems incredibly heavy-handed in its approach. Also the article claims that Buzz is instituting the lifetime ban on anecdotal evidence not imperical data. I would be very worried if someone could be barred from up to half of such a vital outlets for the LGBT community based on one man’s issue with drugs and chemsex. My second point would be that if Buzz was so concerned why doesn’t he use “his” clubs to facilitate support groups during the day and help fund awareness campaigns around the harmful effects of chemsex and indeed GHB.

  2. As an older Irish out gay man from Rural Ireland now living in the UK, I totally support Buzz’s firm stance against GHB and other drugs in his clubs on the Dublin gay scene, as I have both heard from friends, some of whom are both UK paramedics & others are police officers and have personally witnessed the huge damage that GHB does to people here in the UK – sometimes you do have to use “tough love” and you have to be “cruel to be kind” and sometimes people do need to be “lectured” “for thier own good” when it comes to issues like this – last year, I went through a period where I was visiting people in UK hospitals for 3 months one after the other because of the long-term damage caused by club drugs such as GHB and I eventually stopped going to UK and Irish gay clubs altogether because they were awash with people either taking or dealing in such party drugs, so I do not think that it is “heavy-handed” at all and someone needs to take a stand against those things that are harming our LGBT community in the most directly educational way possible, which if left unchallenged, apart from funding certain criminal elements who have certain (homophobic) hidden agendas, will eventually lead to the destruction of our LGBT community by way (in part) of the closure of more LGBT venues, as we have seen here in the UK (including in London) and which has also happened in Dublin

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