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Rose And Rosie Bring Their Sex-Positive Comedy Tour To Ireland

Sex Positive

“We’re just very open with our audience,” Rose says. “We don’t hold back or have a filter. We’re not over-sexual, but if that topic comes up we’ll talk about it. There’s no reason not to discuss our sexual experiences. If it gets people to discuss these things in a safe environment, that’s great.”



Rosie has a more political overview. “Growing up I didn’t have a lot of the positive messages you see for women online these days. We love to help spread those messages now, that we’re equal and we can do anything, to respect ourselves and be sex positive at the same time.”

Creating vlogs in your living room is one thing, appearing live before an audience is quite another, and while Rose and Rosie admit to some trepidation before going on stage, they’ve caught the bug.

“It’s the most thrilling and rewarding experience,” Rose says. “And there’s lots of audience participation too, so technically no one is safe, which I love!”

“We’re both very ambitious people, and we’re both perfectionists, so we put all our heart and soul into our shows,” Rosie adds. “We want people to have the best experience.”

The live shows are one giant step on the road towards the clear goal of their own TV show, but Rose and Rosie won’t be forsaking YouTube along the way “We want to start a family in the future and we’d love to take people on that journey,” Rose says. “They saw us dating and then get engaged, and then get married, and if we have children, that would be incredible to share too.”



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Switching Off

With the line between their lived lives and their online presence so blurred, how do Rose and Rosie differentiate between work and play?

“I think a lot of people think being on YouTube is the easiest job in the world,” says Rosie. “It has some benefits, you can decide when you work and what you do, but like any other career, if you want to be the best at it, you have to put all of yourself into it and you have to work really, really hard.”

“We find it harder to switch off at the end of every working day,” Rose chimes in. “We’re in the same environment, social media is our lives, so it’s difficult to draw the line between work and play. But when we do, binge-watching Netflix is our thing. We make some popcorn, chill out and try to switch our laptops off!”

Rose and Rosie’s ‘Exposed’ is at Vicar Street on Monday, April 24, tickets from €32.50 on

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