Sean Daly on the right and a scales on the left with the words operation transformation written on it.

Irish Gay Man Becomes A Leader For Operation Transformation

“I don’t go to gay bars because I don’t like my appearance and I don’t put myself in that scenario,” Sean Daly said about his decision to join Operation Transformation


Twenty-five year old Dublin based gay man, Sean Daly, was selected as one of the leaders on RTÉ’s 2017 Operation Transformation.

Despite being comfortable in his own sexuality, he is not comfortable in his own skin, with his weight hampering his ability to find love in gay Dublin.

Daly will be one of the five leaders on Operation Transformation whose fitness journeys will be followed on television.


About Sean

Sean Daly works in Supersavers and lives at home with his family in Dublin’s Clondalkin. However, the Operation Transformation leader realises that his diet has been somewhat unhealthy.

“Most days I would have a wrap and chips for lunch. Some nights I would get a curry or I’d get a chipper or I’d get a Chinese,” he admits. “I genuinely love healthy foods as well. Like, I love salads.”

Daly’s starting weight at the beginning of Operation Transformation is 154.1kg (24st 3lbs).

He struggled with his weight from before his teenage years, but during adolescence he had to come to terms with his sexuality too.



Although he had a supportive family, Daly thought about taking his own life because he was gay. Then he told his dog about his sexual orientation, and after that he came out publicly at the age of twenty.

“I genuinely thought when I came out that I would lose the weight. But I came out and nothing changed.

“”I don’t have a love life – I am openly gay and I am proud of that but I don’t go to gay bars because I don’t like my appearance and I don’t put myself in that scenario,” Daly said.

“Gay, straight, whatever. He’s our son and we love him,” his mother said.



Daly’s whole family are supporting him in his Operation Transformation.

“I don’t think I really noticed how much my weight was holding me back in that side of things until I applied for Operation Transformation and was writing out the form and realised I had only been to one gay bar in five years. So it is holding me back.”

Operation Transformation’s first episode is available to watch on RTÉ Player here, and the next show is tonight on RTÉ One at 8:30pm.

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