Dillon St Paul Booted Off The Apprentice

Irish gay Dillon St Paul has been ‘fired’ from BBC’s The Apprentice.


Poor St Paul wasn’t even given the decency of a solo booting, and had to share his taxi home with fellow firee Sofiane.

In his post-firing cab home, he blamed his failure to progress on his simian co-workers. “I was dealing with a bunch of monkeys on that task,” he told the camera. “The plan is, get back to Dublin, get a spray-tan and conquer the magazine world.”


In last night’s episode of the popular BBC show, the wannabe apprentices were split into two teams – Team Nebula and Team Atlantis, featuring St Paul – and were given the task of creating a new virtual reality game.

Ultimately, the judging panel of seven industry experts had no interest in investing in Titan’s game and they got only 78 votes out of 300 in the public poll. As a result team leader Sofiane and sub-leader St Paul were fired by Sir Alan Sugar.

Speaking to RTÉ News St Paul said he was “disappointed” but proud of his journey. “It is disappointing to not win, obviously but I did get very far and I’m very proud of that,” said St Paul.


“And also I worked really hard on every single task and Claude Litner acknowledged that on You’re Fired…so I did my best. I was completely myself and I’m proud of that, ” he said.

We’re proud of you too, Dillon. Still….bye!

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