100 Like Me

Watch This Super-empowering New Video From STEPHANIE RAINEY

Newcomer, Stephanie Rainey has revealed a stunning new video for her latest single ‘100 Like Me’, which features a gay and trans personal struggles, among others.


The compassionate video comprises of 13 people, each who have their own story to tell, so an array of personal struggles is touched upon. These range from suffering anti-gay abuse, to mental health disorders such as anxiety, bipolar, depression, psychosis and addiction, to suffering from the effects of being a single parent or simply lacking self- confidence. The video combines the experiences of these individuals, and brings to life the hope of rehabilitation.

Stephanie Rainey

Rainey believes the song and video can bring comfort and guidance to anyone, no matter how severe their suffering has been.

Stephanie Rainey

“100 Like Me is a song for anybody who has ever thought they were the only one experiencing a certain thing or feeling a certain way,” she says.” It’s about recognising that you’re not alone and that you don’t have to battle within yourself to overcome everything.

For me the song relates to thinking I’m not good enough, whether it’s how I look, the person I am, the music I create or the friend I am.”

Watch the video for 100 Like Me below:

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