Comedian Al Porter to host Ding Dong! event on May 21st for Yes Equality campaigners to share their stories from last year

Ding Dong! Yes Equality Canvassers Share Their Stories

Yes Equality canvassers are getting together on May 21st at ‘Ding Dong!’ to share the ups and downs of their experience going door to door in the run up to last year’s election.

Ding Dong! will be hosted by comedian Al Porter at the Gallery of Photography in Meeting House Square at 1pm on Saturday May 21st 2016.

The event provides a platform for canvassers from last year’s Yes Equality campaign to share some of the stories that happened on people’s doorsteps to celebrate “the largest grassroots political campaign Ireland has ever known.”

The Facebook event explains “The Marriage Equality Referendum was won on the doors, it’s said. But who was knocking and who answered? Throughout April and May 2015, pavements were pounded, questions were asked, holy water was clutched, minds were changed and many of us got the chance to see into hundreds, thousands of hallways and think ‘hmm, not sure about that carpet’”.

“This is the debrief you didn’t have – an opportunity to celebrate if you canvassed and share your stories. Al Porter, one of Ireland’s most in-demand comedians, hosts this free-wheeling look at the gas stories to come out of canvassing and the day of the vote. Join us, tell us!”

Knocking into people’s homes, opening up to them and trying to change their opinion is a daunting task. This event recognises the hard work that the campaign canvassers put in and is set to be a great event.

If you enjoy the Ding Dong! event and are looking for something else to do on the anniversary of the Same-Sex Marriage referendum results, come along to Mother’s Yestival in the Tivoli from 10:30pm.



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