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About Rob Buchanan

Rob Buchanan is an aspiring novelist, poet and drinker with a writing problem. His hobbies include reading books he doesn’t understand, stalking Paul O’Connell in the gym, dressing like a lesbian and putting his local publicans kids through college. If he had to describe himself in six words he`d say: Single Northsider White Trash Craic Whore. Loose Cannon: [luːs ˈkænən] noun, something unpredictable and dangerous. Usually to its intended targets, occasionally to itself. See Rob's Blog , follow him on twitter, or on Facebook

Helping Russian LGBTs

Russian activist Mikhail Tumasov talks to Rob Buchanan about the terrible risks LGBT people in his country face every day, and how despite government-endorsed homophobia and its consequences, he still loves his country.   Mik...